"You know, you ain't so bad,'77...Shame about the outfit."

Michael 035 to Jester 077

Micael 035 was a Spartan III Headhunter who along with his partner Jester 077 took part in many covert operations deep behind enemy lines.


Early LifeEdit

Little is known about Michael's early life. Michael was born in the city of New Paris on the planet Mars and was later enlisted into the Spartan III program.

Induction into the HeadhuntersEdit

Michael was inducted into a two-man special operations team as part of the program known as "Headhunters" when he met all of the necessary requirements and beyond. He was paired up with Jester who would become his partner and closest friend, although at first they took a dislike to eachother. Michael was noted for his leadership skills.

Noir SquadEdit

Michael and Louis where dubbed Noir Squad by officials and sent on many high-class missions deep behind enemy lines, it is unknown excatly how many missions Noir sucessfully completed but they where reconised for breaking records in that fronteir.