The Shield is the 7th level in the game, Halo The Covenant.

This article, The Shield, is currently under active construction.
The author, Lord Lycan, apologizes for the inconvenience.


  • Starting
    • Needler
    • Energy Staff
  • Wieldable
    • Needler
    • Plasma Pistol
    • Plasma Rifle
    • Carbine
    • Spiker
    • Brute Shot
    • Energy Sword
    • Gravity Hammer
    • Beam Rifle
    • Fuel Rod Cannon
    • Energy Staff
    • Mauler
  • Support
    • Plasma Cannon
    • Assault Cannon


  • Drivable
    • Wraiths
    • Banshees
    • AA Wraiths
    • Prowlers
    • Choppers
    • Ghosts
    • Shades
  • Non-Drivable
    • Phantoms
    • Scarab (x1)


  • Loyalists
    • Brutes
      • Brute Ultras
      • Brute Captains
      • Brutes (Jumppack)
      • Brute Stalkers
      • Brute Chieftain x1
      • Brute War Chieftains x3
    • Grunts
      • Grunt Ultras
      • Grunt Kamikazes
    • Jackal
      • Jackal Ultras
      • Jackal Specialists
    • Hunters
      • Hunter Specialists x2


The Level opens with 5 Seperatist Phantoms. They are flying towards a shield, powered by 5 towers. The Oracle tells them that they must deactivate 5 of them for the shield to fall. Behind the shield, is the Control Room of the Installation. <Incomplete>

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